When will permits go on sale?

Students can register for parking beginning at 4:00PM on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. Students will then pay for their permit when they are available for pick-up in August. Information will be sent out in early August with specific dates and times for permit pick-up.

Who can get parking?

Only Seniors and Juniors may park on campus. Seniors can park for the entire year, and Juniors may park for up to two-thirds of the year, depending on availability. Sophomores may NOT park on campus.

Will I have an assigned parking spot?

Students will be assigned a specific parking spot.

How much do permits cost?

Senior permits are $150 for the year. Junior permits are $50 per term, Juniors may select 2 terms.

How are parking spots assigned?

Students will rank their lot choices in order when they register for parking. Seniors will be given priority in timestamp order, then Juniors. Seniors will be able to select between Stadium, PAC, and TLC lots. Juniors will be able to select from TLC and WACC lots, but the TLC slots will be very limited and filled after Seniors.

What do I do if I drive a different car to school for a day?

Temporary Parking Permits are issued to those students who have a regular parking permit and who drive another car to school for whatever reason. This temporary permit is obtained in the Assistant Principal's Office and is free of charge. Please secure a temporary permit the day before using a different car, if possible. If it’s not possible, the temporary permit must be secured prior to the start of class on the day it is needed. A pass to class will not be issued to students who are late as a result of obtaining a temporary parking permit

I got a ticket, now what?

What if I don’t have my driver’s license yet?

Students can, and still should, register for parking if they plan on driving to school next year. Students can pick up their permit in August and start using it once they have their license and are ready to drive.

What should I do if I get a new car?

Be sure to remove your permit from your old car and place it into your new car.

I’m a Sophomore, can I park on campus?

Unfortunately, no. Due to supply and demand, Sophomores may not park on campus.

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