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Westlake High School

Alive at 25

Defensive Driving Course –– Alive at 25

The National Safety Council “Alive at 25” course is offered to drivers 15-24, and is designed to be an early intervention program to help prevent traffic violations, collisions, and/or fatalities. The focus is to help educate young drivers to adopt safer driving practices, take responsibility for their behavior in various driving situations, and to be aware of many of the typical driving hazards.

It's time for a change in focus:
This young driver intervention program zeroes in on drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 - the group most likely to be involved in fatal collisions. Alive at 25 is a survival course developed by the National Safety Council and is designed to prevent the number one killer of teens, automobile crashes. Alive at 25 is taught by off-duty Deputy Sheriffs, Police Officers and EMS Personnel. The course is delivered in one 4 ½ hour program which focuses on the behaviors and decision-making paradigms that young drivers and passengers display behind the wheel.

These behaviors and their implications are explored in-depth through a combination of subject discussions and interactive teaching tools including:

  • Risk identification
  • Interactive video participation
  • Experience sharing with peers
  • Role-playing in various driving situations
  • Driving law review-local and traffic
Our DDC-Alive at 25 Instructors hold candid conversations with students about what can happen if they practice risky behavior or make other poor decisions in an automobile, instructors also use personal examples and even humor to get their point across.

Vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for people between the ages of 16 and 24.

The National Safety Council, a leader in driver improvement training for more than 40 years, developed DDC-Alive at 25 to specifically target drivers in this age group.

  • Since 1995, more than 400,000 young adults have learned life-saving defensive driving skills through DDC-Alive at 25.
  • In a recent study Colorado has experienced a 78% decrease in teen fatality accidents since the program became a mandatory component of their GDL Program.
  • Courts and schools nationwide use DDC-Alive at 25 in their graduated license and violator programs.
DDC-Alive at 25 teaches young adults that:

  • People in their age group are more likely to be hurt or killed in a vehicle crash.
  • Inexperience, distractions, and peer pressure cause unique driving hazards.
  • Speeding, alcohol, and "party drugs" greatly increase their risk of injury or death.
  • As a driver or passenger, they can greatly reduce their risk by taking control.
  • Committing to changing their driving behavior makes personal, legal and financial sense.

WHS students will be given 10 hours of community service for attending. The student will need to provide their assistant principal with a copy of the certificate.