Westlake High School


Email: WHSAttendance@eanesisd.net
Fax: (512) 732-9271

Westlake HS will not accept phone calls to clear an absence. We must have written documentation within 48 hours of return, preferably by email, that states reason and date of absence. If you are unable to send an email please send a written note with your child upon their return. 

It is essential that students check in and out through the Attendance Office to keep the child's attendance accurate. Ten absences, not school-related, in one class will trigger an attendance court filing under the State of Texas Compulsory Attendance Law. 

Please refer to the school calendar and bell schedule when making appointments and travel days. It will aid you in planning visits as to not miss instructional time and school days. Absences for personal reasons and personal appointments (example: Division of Motor Vehicles, Passport Office, Drivers Education, ACL) will not be excused. You may make-up your work 100% if the absence has been documented and the student has checked in and out through attendance. Please check with your teacher in regards to their policy for test make-up.


Late Arrivals

Late to School/Class

Late arrivals to school after the 1st period bell, need to check into the Attendance Office to get a pass to class. Notes are required for all tardies. 



For Appointments

Students bring in a parent note to school that states they will be leaving at 'X' time for an appointment. Come to the Attendance Office before school or in-between class periods to pick up your Permit-To-Leave Slip. The pass will get you out of class to leave for your appointment at that specific time. When you return to school, bring a note from the doctor and check-in with Attendance. Your attendance will then be coded accurately and a pass will be given to you to return to class. All notes go to the Attendance Office. Do not give notes to the teacher or email the teacher.

Seniors leaving for lunch, but also attending an appointment during that time, need to be checked out through the Attendance Office. They may or may not be returning before the scheduled lunch ending time.

Parent and Doctor Notes are subject to random verification.


Automatic Calls/Emails

Automatic Call System 

If your student is absent one or more periods, and not documented through Attendance, you will receive a phone call about their absence. Student attendance for school related absences will be automatically corrected (field trip, athletic event). Please check Skyward Family Access to view all attendance before making inquiries. If you have questions, email the student’s teacher that marked the period absence.

You may also designate on Family Access to be emailed of any attendance entered for your student for the day. If you receive an email or Skylert Call, you may use it as a reminder to send in a note for the all-day absence. If you feel you were emailed in error, please check the attendance before calling or emailing Attendance. Again, if it was just one or two classes, please email the teacher to inquire.



Advance Notification

Advance Notification 

Family commitments or events that will fall within the school calendar days require your student to obtain an Advance Notification Form from Attendance. Fill this out a week prior to the absence, turn into your AP for approval and then to Attendance.


College Visits


Junior and Senior College Visits

If you are planning to go on a College Visit, please do the following:

Before your visit:

  1. Pick up the College Visitation Form from the Attendance Office
  2. Get your Teachers to sign off on your absence
  3. Turn the signed paperwork back into the Attendance Office. The Attendance office will give you a College Visit Verification Form to take to the College you are touring.

During your visit:

  1. Fill out the College Visit Verification form and have the College Campus stamp or sign during your stay.

After your visit:

  1. Upon your return, turn the College Visit Verification Form into the WHS Attendance office to get documented credit for your absence.


You are allowed 2 College Visits. If you require more, please see your AP for approval plus do all the above steps. Please note: Juniors may only be excused for 2 college visits. Seniors may take college visits anytime up until May 1st.


Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

All requests for VOE's can be made by email at whsvoe@eanesisd.net.   Once requested, please allow 24 hours for pick-up at the Front Office.  A student must be in accordance with the Texas Compulsory Attendance Law to obtain a VOE.  If you have questions, please call Laura Davis at 512-732-9280, ext 33040.







Attendance Forms


How do I check my student out of school?

Email attendance at whsattendance@eanesisd.net and let us know the name of the student, no nicknames, time your student needs to leave and for what reason. We then produce a class pass and send to your student’s classroom via a student runner. Please allow at least a 45-minute turnaround for this process, as it takes time to generate the class passes and get them delivered. We will not be able to call your student’s classroom. Your student will then leave at the assigned time and meet you at your car. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COME INSIDE. If your student is checking out for a doctor or medical-related appointment, please make sure they return with a signed note from the doctor so the absence is excused and does not count towards their attendance and exemptions. Have them deliver that note to the attendance office immediately upon their return so we can record it and give them a pass to get back to class.


What do I do if my student is sick?

Email whsattendance@eanesisd.net first thing in the morning or the night before and let us know. We will update their file and their teachers will be able to see they are out sick.


My child was marked absent when they were only tardy. Can you change that?

Attendance can only change if the student checked in with attendance when arriving. Depending on the time they arrived, it will be coded Tardy or Absent. For first period, students are counted tardy up to the first 15 minutes of class. All other periods, 7 minutes. If your student went straight to class without checking in with the attendance office, he/she will need to get their teacher’s approval, as the attendance office cannot make changes without the teacher’s approval.


Does my student need a doctor’s note if he/she is checking out early 15 minutes or more?

Yes. A student must be present for 90% of the class period to be counted present. For example, a 4PM checkout still needs a doctor’s note the next day in order for the absence to not count towards their attendance and exemptions.


My student was out sick and I provided a doctor’s note. Why does Skyward show the absence as documented illness, no funding?

Skyward will only show Excused – Medical if the student attended school during the day. The State only excuses if the student was at school for any length on that day. Please still get the doctors note, however, as we do make a notation in the student’s file that a doctor’s note was provided.


Why do I have to get a note from the doctor when I check my student out for a doctor’s appointment?  

When a doctor’s note is provided for the periods missed that day (other than if it was a whole day) the student’s absences for that period are fully excused and do not count towards their compulsory attendance numbers for course credit and exemptions. We require a doctor’s note and cannot take a parent’s word for excusing the absence. 


Why do I have to send an email when my child is absent?

An email allows your student to make up classwork missed. No email equals a zero for the day.


Why did I get an attendance call when my student did all the paperwork before leaving for their college visit?

All college visit attendance will be updated when your student returns from their college visit with the signed peach form given to them before leaving. In the meantime disregard the automated attendance calls from the District.

Junior and Senior College Visits: If you are planning to go on a College Visit, please stop by the Attendance Office to pick up the proper paperwork a few days prior to leaving. Teachers will sign off on the paperwork and you will receive a peach form to take to the college visit to have signed and stamped while there. The college visit will then be updated in attendance when you RETURN with the peach form. In the meantime, disregard the automated attendance calls from the District. Remember ONLY Junior and Seniors are fully excused for two (2) college visits. 


How do I email attendance?

whsattendance@eanesisd.net. Put First, Middle and Last Name in Subject line with either grade, or student number. We have quite a few students with the same name, so please be as detailed as possible. Please do not use nicknames.