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Westlake High School

Honor Code for Career Readiness

Graduating seniors who pursue concentrated career skills will be recognized with special distinction earning an Orange Honor Cord** for Career Readiness to be worn at Graduation. To earn the Career Readiness Honor Cord, students possess essential knowledge and experience needed for workplace success gained while in Career and Technical Education dept. courses.


To earn a Career Readiness Honor Cord, students must successfully complete

  • 3 credits from Career Technical Education courses in the same coherent sequence,
  • 2 credits in one CTE coherent sequence plus 1 additional CTE credit.

A minimum semester grade average of 88 must be earned for all credits. Eligibility will be determined through the Report Card 3 of Senior Year

** Students are responsible for the purchase of the Career Readiness Honor Cord.

Contact Dept. Chair Pat Betzner, or any other CTE teacher.