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Whatever it takes...

There are times when you realize how incredible people can be. When groups of people are presented with a massive challenge…and achieve at levels you could never predict. The last two weeks have been simply phenomenal as a school community. 

We would love to thank our teachers for being the absolute BEST - the most organized and accepting of a challenge as any group I have been a part of in my decades on this planet. Let’s design a school which will be remote, from a remote setting as a staff. Let’s design a system to meet the needs of students, and during a crisis not seen in our lifetimes. Let’s engage students in a synchronous system in which we value our relationships as much as solid instruction and assessment, for we know relationships drive our daily success. Teachers are finding a way to take care of our students and fellow staff while also navigating their own new normal in their households. We have staff members supporting our teachers remotely as well. Wow - an amazing group of educators.

We would also like to thank our students for showing up to each Zoom class with a mediocre-to-good-to-great attitude every day. We can remotely learn, for our students appreciate the learning process and lean on the relationships with their friends at WHS and on their relationships with the adults on our campus. It is a rare environment where you can trust our students to show up and do school with as many distractions that exist in this world. Our parents support our students and our staff through encouragement and by having a presence in the educational process. Teachers, students, and parents are leading the way. 

As I have often said and written, 3,000 of anything can create an issue or two. We continue to work through this process and issues created through remote learning. We have a new environment and 2,850+ 14-18 year olds in this dynamic system, so there can be a few instances of unexpected outcomes. I am reminded by one of my friends who is lead counsel for a major corporation that all organizations have an issue once in a while - or corporations would not need attorneys or human resource departments. It has not been perfect, but it has worked quite well. Thanks for everyone’s patience as we continue to improve.  

We hope you have a nice weekend with your families. Take care everyone. 

Principal Steve Ramsey

Principal Steve Ramsey


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