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Westlake High School

The Long and Winding Road (month)...

In each academic year, there are a few months that seem to be the longest in each semester. Without a doubt, the longest month seems to be October in the fall. There are many factors that contribute to this feeling on a campus: completion of the first quarter, settling into the new routine for the long haul, the change in weather, and the shortening of the amount of sunlight in each day as we head towards Daylight Savings Time. And this year, we have had four new “first days” as students came back in different waves.

As I stated in my Eanes Education Letter last week, we are very proud of the work taking place at WHS on campus and virtually. There is an amazing daily effort being put in by our staff and students.  Over the next few months, we are going to focus some of our exceptional staff which will include groups that truly help make our campus unique and special. These groups will include our wonderful cafeteria and food nutrition workers, custodians, and grounds folks. These hard working groups have helped to build this campus into a thriving one. This week alone, we received feedback and compliments from parents about our cafeteria staff for being positive, caring and nurturing-no pun intended. You must make an impact when our students take the time to mention these people as having an influence on their day to their parents. Stay tuned as we highlight groups who deserve our praise at Westlake High School!

In our world of education at WHS, we began the daily mantra of taking everything one day and one week at a time. Let’s control what we can today and in the very near future. Pacing and understanding how quick the days will go by is important: only 20 school days until Thanksgiving Break and only 31 school days until fall semester exams. The long and winding road is accelerating so let’s continue to hang on as the wild ride of 2020 continues…

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Principal Steve Ramsey

Principal Steve Ramsey


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