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Westlake High School

Take care of yourself and your family...

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This goal will continue to be our focus as we progress through the school year. Please take time to take care of yourself and your family.

There is some quality work happening in this new remote learning environment. Yesterday, I zoomed into multiple classrooms and witnessed some fabulous things. I listened to a deep discussion on the role of IQ and our version and personal version of how we define success. I participated in a Kahoot and then broke down a story in Latin, line by line. I watched students discuss their Vietnam Veterans projects. I even competed with a student in a carb guessing game as part of an advanced science class. I saw students analyze, think critically, debate, laugh, synthesize, and smile. Good things are happening - guaranteed.

For positive and successful results to continue, we hope you take time for you and your loved ones. If we continue to go down the path of remote learning, we have only 23 more days until May 28th. Let’s make sure to check on each other and ourselves as we navigate this new world together. Since we can not pick up the nuisances of body language and mood on Zooms as well as in person, please be in touch if we can assist in any way. This new environment has only magnified the saying of “we don’t know what we don’t know.”

Reach out, and please take care! 

Principal Steve Ramsey

Principal Steve Ramsey


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