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Teachers matter. Teachers matter immensely. As we found out last spring and this fall, our teachers do extraordinary things under the most unique and challenging circumstances. Whether in person, in the remote setting or a combination, our teachers exceed daily expectations for the benefit of our students.

This campus continues to strive for excellence daily in any situation.  And our teachers have, and always will, work towards the best educational experience for your children. Past students can always recall multiple teachers who made an impact on their lives - the amount of positive teachers is the WHS difference. While my two oldest daughters have just begun their experience on our campus, I have already heard the impact our teachers are making in their lives, academically and in their emotional development.

Most students can articulate a list of teachers, coaches, directors, counselors or administrators who helped them through their high school development. Teachers truly matter, and we are excited about the EEF campaign this fall. Every penny does count in this process. Over the last few years, we have increased our participation rate and amount of giving. We ask your help to continue this trend at Westlake High School. The unusual and precarious environment we live in today has not changed our teachers’ resolve to deliver the best educational experience in Texas. While this experience has not been perfect, I have never been prouder to be a part of this campus.

October is the month where the Eanes Education Foundation’s fundraising efforts begin officially. The Eanes Educational Foundation is an organization that raises money for the EEF Teacher Fund. EEF is responsible for allowing us to staff eighteen full-time teachers at Westlake High School. These eighteen positions equate to a daily impact for over 2,000 students. The addition of eighteen positions allows us to staff our campus with teachers in elective and core areas. And even during this time, we made the commitment to continue to offer all of our classes in this new blended format. EEF allows us to offer courses that the state simply does not feel are necessary for an education. Since EEF is the only foundation or group in the district which funds teachers directly, we have the ability to offer a wide range of classes to allow students to explore passion areas. The Eanes Education Foundation allows our students to access and experience a variety of courses that just do not exist on many other campuses. 

Our campus would not excel without the support of our community.

Please take the time to donate today at

Principal Steve Ramsey

Principal Steve Ramsey


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