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Westlake High School

Ebb and flow...

The school year is rolling along……

Every year has a unique ebb and flow. This year has clearly and definitively had a unique flow with three “first days”, a start of all campus members beginning remotely, and concluding our fourth week with students back in the building and on the grounds of the Westlake High School campus.  This school year will add in another ebb and/or flow as the second quarter survey for your child’s educational setting is currently active.

While our athletic teams and performing groups had a later start, they are into a more normal routine. Before and after school, you can witness a highly active campus of activities. As I have written many times, it is rewarding to watch our students and staff participate in activities that bring them joy, happiness, build resilience, and foster lifelong friendships and relationships. The flow of the activities is cruising along. In the next few weeks, there is a lot happening.

  • October 6th - Seniors ACT during school day
  • October 6th - Selection survey for in person or remote learning due at  5pm
  • October 10th-12th -Three Day weekend
  • October 16th - End of First Quarter
  • October 26th - October 30th Spirit Week
  • October 30th - Homecoming Pep Rally (virtual for all)
  • November 3rd - Election Day-School Holiday

And in only seven weeks, Thanksgiving Break will take place November 21st-29th.

As the year progresses, things change in the dynamics of our routines and interactions with our kids. After spending ample amounts of time with our kids, suddenly the flow of our schedules may have parents spending less time with their kids who now have academics, extracurricular activities and the normal maturation of 14-18 year olds. Over the last few weeks, some parents, and, yes, even your children, have shared thoughts that we miss that time together. Over the next few weeks and months, we hope everyone has the chance to commit to some good old family time - it is amazing how quickly routines can change and impact our daily lives and interactions.

Have a fantastic weekend.





Principal Steve Ramsey

Principal Steve Ramsey


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