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Westlake High School

Check-in Time

It’s that time of year…….

For the last several years, we like to update you on the progress that all of our students are making when it comes to completing their high school and Eanes experience. We did this after meeting with senior English classes one year, and the response was rather positive and hopeful we would do it every year. So here we go……..

A normal school year consists of 175 school days. Our kids attend 13 years of K-12 education. 

Senior Class of 2021 has completed 2,190 days of their 2,275 school days for 96% completion! In fact, the seniors have only 85 school days at WHS. We will come back to the seniors. 

Senior Class of 2022 has completed 2015 days of their 2,275 days for 89% completion. 

Senior Class of 2023 has completed 1,840 days of their 2,275 days for 81% completion. 

Senior Class of 2024 has completed 1,665 days of their 2,275 days for 73% completion. 

And as of Friday, our Seniors have a total of 129 calendar days until they graduate on May 24th. Our Seniors will be on a different schedule than our other classes after AP testing concludes on May 14th. Our Seniors will complete all exams by May 21st which is ahead of our other students. We will update our Seniors on all activities as the year progresses. 

Throughout the year, our entire staff has worked to make the educational experience the best it can be in all areas. I wrote about this a few weeks ago, and feedback was supportive that we have the BEST teachers, coaches, directors, counselors, custodians, food service staff, front office folks and admin in the state. The pic above is of our senior girls’ basketball players taken last Friday night. It was a different kind of Senior Night, but we honored our seniors in a fine way even with the limitations we are currently under. We are accomplishing great things as a campus academically and in extracurricular programs. Our students involved with these programs are having a great experience. Our last football playoff game was a fabulous example - our players fought to the end to secure a win and a trip to the State Championship game tomorrow. Our band was loud and a factor. Our cheerleaders and Hyline were awesome as well. The TEC crew put on an outstanding production. It was a reminder of how many good things are happening. And a  reminder of how much work, planning and leadership our staff is giving our students during this time. And how proud we are of our students during this time….

Have a great weekend. 


Principal Steve Ramsey

Principal Steve Ramsey


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