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Well, we have begun a new era at Westlake High School - remote learning. From the information we have gathered so far, it appears we may be doing anywhere from OK to fantastic. As we expected, some love on-line and some have reservations. Human nature and personality will always play into a significant change, which this has for all involved. We do know that our students zoomed in to be with their fellow students and teachers. Unlike a normal day where I can walk in a classroom, I did “drop by” classes on Friday. Students were present and doing a myriad of tasks while in the safety of their homes. After working with our staff Monday through Wednesday of this week, we knew we were ready for a new experience and would attempt to make it the best experience for our students and staff. Let’s all hope for a great week two, and hope everyone remains well.

We are looking to streamline our communication with the community and internally. We sent emails on Wednesday that we believed were direct and communicated crucial information. We will continue down this path over the next few weeks. We have attached a simple schedule and a student letter that were sent directly to your students as well on Wednesday.

To our parents of seniors in the Class of 2020, please note our words to your students in the attached letter. We adore this group of students. They are our first group of seniors to be with this Administrative Team for four years, and I have been with some of these students since they were first-day middle schoolers at West Ridge. We are trying to navigate the current situation to determine our next steps and to make decisions. However, we can not make all the decisions we need to as things continue to change. Phrases like “we will have to wait and see” - , “we will continue to monitor” and “we do not know at this time” are not popular answers and not aligned with my personality as many of you know. But, this is how we must operate during this time where our health as a campus and community are our number one priority. We are looking at all options for major senior events, and we will be in contact directly as we make plans.

Take care everyone.  And Stay Healthy, Chaps!



Principal Steve Ramsey

Principal Steve Ramsey


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