WHS Threat Investigation 2.7.17

February 7, 2017
3:00 p.m.

Dear Parents, Guardians & Staff,

I am providing this message to keep you updated on the potential threat made to Westlake High School. The Travis County Sheriff's Office has informed us their investigation is complete and there is no credible threat to Westlake High School. They have identified a person of interest who is not a Westlake student but had access to the building after-hours with a group, and they have concluded this individual is not a credible threat. See their press release for information on their investigation.

We are incredibly grateful for the staff, time and resources that the University of Texas Police Department and Travis County Sheriff's Office provided these past two days. Not only did they support the investigation with canine units to sweep the school before dawn, but they also provided hours of manpower and guidance to ensure our students and staff are safe.

We also thank those who stepped forward to inform us of the potential threat. All of our schools, and especially Westlake High School, are community centers. They are constantly buzzing with activity ranging from tutoring to athletics to band to Robotics - you name it, there is always something going on at Westlake. With various school and non-school groups utilizing the facility, we have to work together and be vigilant, be aware of anything that may seem out of the norm. We are grateful to those who saw something and said something to alert campus administration of the potential threat.

The past 24 hours have reminded me how fortunate we are to have an amazing community and strong partnerships in Eanes ISD. It has been impressive to see how quickly and thoroughly the response and investigation progressed and how strong we can be when we work together.

Attendance at Westlake today was better than average and the school operated as normal. We anticipate the same for tomorrow. Thank you to our parents who entrust us with their precious children each day.


Dr. Tom Leonard

Dr. Tom Leonard, Superintendent of Schools, Eanes Independent School District

February 6, 2017

7:00 p.m.

Dear Parents/Guardians & Staff:

Safety is of utmost importance to Eanes ISD and to all of our schools. If we are made aware of possible security issues, we believe transparent and timely communication to parents, when possible, is essential. As such, the purpose of this message is to share important information about an event that occurred at Westlake High School and to tell you what we are doing to respond to this matter. While all schools are not directly involved, we feel it is best to communicate with our entire district.

On Monday, it was reported to Westlake administrators that someone wrote "Bomb 2/8/17" on a bathroom wall. Once we were made aware of the threat, we immediately began working with the Travis County Sheriff's Office (TCSO) and district security to investigate and initiate our safety protocols.

All Eanes ISD campuses, including Westlake High School, have emergency plans which are practiced routinely so we are prepared for any type of emergency. At this time, based on information reviewed, TCSO has indicated that this appears to be a low-level threat and we trust their expertise. However, out of an abundance of caution, we are implementing the following proactive efforts to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We will:

  • conduct a search with law enforcement and canine units to secure Westlake High School;
  • increase law enforcement patrols around Westlake High School;
  • maintain an extra adult presence throughout the building.

With these safety precautions and in concert with law enforcement, we will continue teaching and learning at Westlake High School and at this time will continue after-school activities as normal. We expect our students to attend school, but also respect that parents have the right to make an informed decision of what is best for their child. Students will not be penalized if parents choose to keep them at home.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance with this situation. We will continue to work with law enforcement and will send information as it is available.

Dr. Tom Leonard
Superintendent of Schools, Eanes ISD

Dr. Tom Leonard, Superintendent of Schools, Eanes Independent School District

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