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Westlake High School


An invitation to join the NHS Candidates Google Classroom was sent out to eligible Juniors and Seniors on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 via their school email.  In the google classroom, students can access the candidate form and all other resources for its completion through the google classroom. Candidate Forms need to be completed and submitted by 11:59 pm on Tuesday October, 10th. Late candidate forms will not be accepted. If your student needs help or has questions about how to fill out their candidate form, please email Mrs. Favaron at or make plans to attend one of the candidate form help sessions that will be held during 4th and 5th period lunches in room 332 on September 21st and 22nd. If you are interested in the requirements to join NHS, please visit our website
Students are first eligible to join NHS in the spring semester of their sophomore year, so current Freshmen and Sophomores have not received invitations to apply. If you are interested in the eligibility requirements, please visit our website.