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Westlake High School

AP Exam Registration is Open

Dear Families,

AP Exam ordering is now open! Please see the following deadlines below. The cost is $110 per exam ($158 for Capstone exams). 

Year-long classes and Fall semester courses (Government, Economics, Psychology):

Registration ends on November 13th, 2023.  After that, a $40 late charge will be assessed.  The final exam ordering deadline is March 3rd, 2024.

Spring semester AP classes (Government, Economics, and Psychology)

The final exam ordering deadline is March 3rd, 2024.  No late fees will be assessed for these courses.


Ordering Instructions:

Step One:  Join AP classroom.  Your teacher can provide a join code for you. 

Step Two: Select and pay for your exams in Total Registration.  Please note, if you already have a Total Registration account, you can log-in here.

Step Three:  48-hours after payment has been made, check your exam status in AP Classroom.  

  • If your payment has been processed, your exam status will be 'yes' and an exam will be ordered for you.

  • If your exam status still says undecided (or no), an exam is NOT being ordered for you.

Please note:  Exams can not be ordered unless ALL steps have been completed by the deadline. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What if I don't know yet if I want to take the exam? 

November 13th, 2023 is the deadline to decide and pay for your exams. You can either order before then and be charged a $40 per exam cancellation fee if you change your mind after November 13th, or you can wait to order and pay a $40 per exam late fee after November 13th.  Full refunds will be issued until November 14th.  For one-semester classes that begin in the spring semester (Govt, Econ, Psychology), the order deadline is March 3rd, and full refunds will be issued until March 6th. 

2. What if I order my exam now and decide later that I do not want to take it?

Full refunds will be issued through November 14th, 2023. After that date, a $40 cancellation fee will be assessed, but partial refunds will be issued through March 7th, 2024.  For one-semester classes that start in the Spring (Govt, Econ, Psychology), full refunds will be issued through March 6th, 2024. 

3. Can I wait to order my exam?

Yes, but a $40 late fee per exam will be assessed after November 13th, 2023. 

4  Can I take an exam even if I'm not in the course?

Yes.  Please email for a join code.  You will still need to join your AP class section and select and pay for your exams following the procedure above for full year courses.

5.  I get testing accommodations. Can I get them on AP Exams? 

If you have been approved by the College Board for testing accommodations, they will be applied to your AP Exam administration. If you receive accommodations at school but have not requested them from College Board, you can start the process here.

6.  I am on free/reduced lunch. Are the exam fees the same for me?

No.  Discounted exams are available for students who participate in the free/reduced lunch program.


More information on AP exams can be found here. Any other questions can be addressed to