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Backing up your iPad

How to Backup an iPad:
It is most convenient to use the free iCloud services offered by Apple (go to http://goo.gl/487uZ for more information).  However, keep in mind iCloud only offers 5GB for free. You may also choose to backup your iPad to your personal computer.  For more help, see documents at the bottom of this page.

Specific Media Backup Solutions:
  • Transfer a Few Notes and Files: To quickly transfer a few notes and files off the iPad, please consider emailing these notes to yourself before Monday, May 20th. See screenshot for specific example in DocAS. 
  • Photos: If you find that you have a large number of photos, you can upload them to a web storage site like Shutterfly which offers unlimited photo storage through their app. Another option is to share photos to iCloud Photo Stream. 
  • Export Documents and Media to Google Drive or Dropbox: As another option you could export documents out to a Google Drive (or something like a Dropbox cloud service) account using the "Open In..." function found in many of the apps you use. Since these (Google Drive and Dropbox) are cloud-based services you will be able to view files from any computer. Instructions for specifically backing up DocAS to Dropbox are also included below
Back Up to "My Files" in eBackpack (if returning next year): Those students that are returning next school year may also backup files to the "MyFiles" folder in eBackpack. Use the "Open In" function available in many apps or use camera roll to copy files to eBackpack. For more info, view the eBackpack My Files PDF as seen at the bottom of the page.

District-Provided email and web accounts will NOT be available during the summer. If you would like access to your photos, media, and documents over the summer, please share them to a non-Eanes google (or Dropbox) account.

*See the following site for more assistance: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4859 and http://goo.gl/487uZ

2014 iPad Pickup

Pick-Up Schedule:

  • Monday May 19th: All Senior English Classes
  • Tuesday May 20th: A straggler day for Seniors 
  • Wednesday May 21st: All Sophomore English Classes
  • Thursday May 22nd: All Freshman English Classes
  • Friday May 23rd: All Junior English Classes

Once you have BACKED UP your iPad... Remember to RESET it (using the directions below) - prior to turning it in!

Please be sure to bring in your district issued iPad, iPad Case, and iPad charger with you.

Let's Review the steps:

  1. Back Up Your iPad
  2. Reset Your iPad
  3. Bring iPad, Case, and Charger/Cord

Seniors graduating in May '14:
All iPads issued to Seniors will be collected on May 19 & 20.  Please be sure to bring in your district issued iPad, iPad Case, and iPad charger with you on May 19 & 20.

*If you plan on purchasing a new iPad or already own a personal iPad then be sure to follow the directions on either of the documents attached to this webpage to back up your data. Once you have the new iPad you can sign-in with your apple ID to restore all settings, data, and apps.  

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