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Your Distrct iPad will come pre-loaded with some of the folllowing apps. Look for the Self Service app, open it, and begin downloading your apps. Remember, you must establish an iTunes account before loading anything on your iPad

Self-Service - This app comes preloaded on your iPad and will provide access to all apps that Eanes provisions.  Changing the name of your iPad will prevent you from using this app to download paid apps freely.

iFiles - New and more powerful file management solution.  This app can transfer files from the iPad to various other services, such as, WedDav, Google Docs, and eBackpack

DocAS - Very powerful notebook app with the ability to import and export from WebDav, which means you can bring a PDF in from eBackpack, annotate it, and send it back.
DocAS for iPad - Manage your documents, annotate PDF, take notes, handwriting and document reader.

Pages - Word processor and simple desktop publishing solution - Can import and export via WebDav.

Keynote - Create presentations App ("powerpoint") - Can import and export via WedDav.

iMovie - 
Create quick short movies or podcasts with pics and video.  Can import via iTunes or export via Camera Roll, iTunes.

Explain Everything - Create quick tutorials with screen and audio recording built-in.  
Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. You can create dynamic interactive lessons and tutorials using Explain Everything.

Ask and Prevent Suicide - An app designed by the Texas Youth Suicide Prevention Project and funded by the State Health Services and SAMHSA.