The Rough Draft

We believe writing is a raw and powerful muscle that everyone possesses to some degree, but the only way to improve at writing is by writing; however there is more to molding words than English class formulas alone, and by molding words we nudge open our minds, leaving us vulnerable to chance.  That in itself is worth pursing.  Therefore, a successful writer has a network of fellow writers who continually support, critique, and encourage him or her; what was once an infamously solitary stewing has become a communal pursuit.  We believe that we, The Rough Draft, can be that community for each other.

Meeting Time/Location:  Every Friday during 5th lunch or after                                                               in room 368.

                                                                          Eligibility:  All WHS Students

                                                                          How to Join:  Contact Mr. Leeves or Isabella Zou

                                                                          Contact Information: