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2016-2017 School Year

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Abbe, Alan World Languages Latin Website Email 
Ackerman, Laurie Administration Executive Asst. to the Principal  Email 
Allen, Amy Mathematics PreCalculus; Algebra II Website Email 
Anderson, Cassandra Language Arts English I; English II Website Email 
Antoon, Jeff Social Studies Government; Economics Website Email 
Arronge, Lisa Counselor Si-W  Email 
Ashley, Chandler Special Education Behavior Support  Email 
Bader, Ginny Special Education Speech Pathologist  Email 
Baker, Ashley Career & Technical Education Mentorship Website Email 
Baker, Dale Fine & Performing Arts Art - Electronic Media Website Email 
Baker, James Language Arts English I Website Email 
Bartlett, Tom Special Education Social Studies  Email 
Becker, Whitney Science Chemistry Website Email 
Benage, Michele Language Arts English I Website Email 
Bennett, Al Social Studies Head Volleyball; World History Website Email 
Bergen, Lee Language Arts English IV Website Email 
Bergman, Laura World Languages French Website Email 
Betzner, Pat Career & Technical Education Department Chair; Child Development; Food Preparation and Nutrition; Architecture and Interior Design Website Email 
Bixler, Jocelyn Mathematics Precalculus; Calculus BC Website Email 
Blair, JT Social Studies US History; Baseball Website Email 
Bonnecarre, Bert Social Studies Gov/Eco Website Email 
Broderick, Caty Counselor C-Fl Website Email 
Brown, Deanne Language Arts Photojournalism; Featherduster Website Email 
Bryant, Katie Counselor Student Support Website Email 
Campbell, John Language Arts English II; English IV Website Email 
Cannon, Natalie World Languages Department Chair; Latin Website Email 
Carnes, Lee Language Arts English IV Website Email 
Carroll, Kent Mathematics Algebra II; Statistics Website Email 
Carroll, Kristen World Languages German Website Email 
Casey, Roselle Fine & Performing Arts Visual Arts Website Email 
Chaney, Andria Science Physics Website Email 
Chang, Lichy World Languages Chinese Website Email 
Chong, Karen Mathematics Geometry; Statistics Website Email 
Clifton, Andrea Counselor P-Sh Website Email 
Clifton, Jackie Library/Media Services  Librarian  Email 
Cluck, Cathy Social Studies US History; European History Website Email 
Compean, Jackie Science Biology Website Email 
Cooley, Paul Administration Assistant Principal P-W  Email 
Cowan, Kyle Mathematics Math Models; PreCalculus Website Email 
Crocker, Michelle Language Arts English IV; Capstone Seminar Website Email 
Darrow, Melinda Fine & Performing Arts Art History Website Email 
Darst, Shannon Special Education VI  Email 
Daugherty, David Special Education LSSP  Email 
Davis, Laura Counselor Administrative Assistant  Email 
Dawson, Kara Special Education Department Head; Behavior Support  Email 
Deats, Lydia Special Education  Licensed Specialist in School Psychology  Email 
DeMartino, Denise Science Department Chair; Chemistry; Organic Chemistry Website Email 
Derr, Michelle Athletics Athletic Trainer  Email 
Dewlen, Jennifer  Data Processor; Chaps In Service  Email 
Dickens, Cheryl Student Support DAEP  Email 
Dodge, Todd Athletics Athletic Director; Head Football Coach  Email 
Dolezal, Suzanne Student Support Testing Center  Email 
Donaldson, Nancy Special Education English; Reading Improvement; Chinese 2 Website Email 
Donalson, Jeremy Social Studies Economics Website Email 
Dudrick, Holly Administration Front Office Reception  Email 
Dukes, Sarah Special Education Behavior Support  Email 
Dupre, Melissa Language Arts English IV Website Email 
Durand, Robert Science Biology Website Email 
Ellis, Margaret World Languages Spanish Website Email 
Ellis, Tres Social Studies Teen Teaching II; Psychology Website Email 
Espinosa, Janet Social Studies Department Chair; US History Website Email 
Faulkner, Timothy Special Education Math Website Email 
Favaron, Ashley Science Physics Website Email 
Ferguson, Molly Athletics Executive Assistant to Athletic Director  Email 
Field, Renee The Learning Center TLC Coordinator; CTE Teacher Website Email 
Finan, Dillon  Instructional Partner - STEM Website Email 
Flato, Clark Science Chemistry Website Email 
Foote, Carolyn Library/Media Services  Librarian Website Email 
Ford, Christi Administration Administrative Assistant  Email 
Froneberger, Michel Administration Assistant Principal  Email 
Gaddis, Haley Health & PE Health; PE; Assistant AD; Head Softball Coach Website Email 
Garcia, Alexander Social Studies World History Website Email 
Garza, Gloria World Languages Spanish Website Email 
Gaslow, Craig Social Studies AP Human Geography, World Geography Website Email 
Gassaway, Kassie Special Education Career Pathways  Email 
Gaworecki, Andy Science Physics Website Email 
Gehman, Lauren Science Environmental Science Website Email 
Gilde, Darcie Career & Technical Education Digital Graphics & Animation; Video Game Design Website Email 
Gonzalez, Florencio Social Studies World Geography Website Email 
Goodner, Jenn Fine & Performing Arts Choir Website Email 
Granson, David Health & PE Physical Education; Athletics Website Email 
Grigg, Lane Social Studies Human Geography Website Email 
Grombacher, Isaac Mathematics Geometry; Precalculus Website Email 
Grombacher, Susan World Languages Spanish Website Email 
Haddon, Shannon Special Education Chemistry; Peer Assistants; Statistics Website Email 
Haneman, Laura Language Arts English I and II Modified Website Email 
Hanna, Angie Career & Technical Education Business Incubator Website Email 
Hanselka, Constance  Career & Technical Education Accounting; BIM; Business Law; Principles of Business; Marketing and Finance Website Email 
Hargis, Chase Mathematics Geometry Website Email 
Hastings, Jessica Special Education Behavior Support  Email 
Hensle, Katie Social Studies US History Website  
Herbst, Nadine Mathematics Department Chair; Pre-AP Calculus, Pre-AP Algebra II Website Email 
Hodges, Stephanie World Languages Spanish Website Email 
Howard, Chuck Mathematics Algebra I; Football Website Email 
Hubbell, Holly Student Support Nurse Website Email 
Huff, Debbie Special Education Executive Assistant for Special Education  Email 
Hyink, Becky Mathematics Algebra II; Pre-Calculus Website Email 
Jackelen, Eric Counselor Fo-Ji Website Email 
Jimeno, Julie World Languages Spanish Website Email 
Joe, Lindsay Fine & Performing Arts Dance Website Email 
Johnson, Lisa  Ed Tech  Email 
Johnston, Jordan Social Studies Teen Teaching; Psychology Website Email 
Jones, Ann The Learning Center English; Art Website Email 
Jordan, Tim Science Physics Website Email 
Katterjohn, Peggy Mathematics Algebra II; PreCalculus Website Email 
Kothe, Joan Administration Attendance and Reception  Email 
Krog, Karen Special Education  Licensed Specialist in School Psychology  Email 
Kroll, Shelby Special Education Math; Science; Social Studies  Email 
Lam, Amy Science Biology Website Email 
Lamendola, Rose Administration Registrar  Email 
Lantzy, PJ Social Studies US History Website Email 
Lear, Karen Administration Reception/Assistant Attendance  Email 
Leeves, Hunter Language Arts English II; English III Website Email 
Leifeste, Alison Special Education English Website Email 
Longino, Moira Language Arts English II; Creative Writing Website Email 
Lucero, Robert Social Studies World History; Head Basketball Website Email 
Machicek, Debbie Administration Admin Asst to Asst Principals  Email 
Martin, Eric Science Biology Website Email 
McClain, Tony Health & PE PE; Personal Fitness Website Email 
McCollum, Michael Social Studies World Geography Website Email 
McConnell, Susanna Social Studies AP Human Geography Website Email 
McDonald, Bill Mathematics Algebra II Website Email 
McFarland, Barbara The Learning Center Mathematics; Psychology Website Email 
McIntyre, Emily Career & Technical Education Film Website Email 
McKay, Nathan Mathematics Algebra I and Geometry Website Email 
McKinney, Paula Career & Technical Education Computer Science; CS Principles Website Email 
McLeod, Angus Social Studies Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; Economics Website Email 
McQueen, Davis Special Education Math; Science  Email 
Mellenbruch, Kitty Language Arts English I Website Email 
Misage, Mark Science Physics Website Email 
Misage, Nancy Science Physics Website Email 
Mitchell, Kacy  Ed Tech  Email 
Montgomery, Jeff Language Arts English Website Email 
Moore, James Language Arts English II; English III Website Email 
Morgan, Norman Career & Technical Education Robotics Website Email 
Murdock, Brandon Social Studies US History Website Email 
Murphy, Bob Science IPC; Physics Website Email 
Navarro, Steve Athletics Head Boys' Swim Coach Website Email 
Nelson, Caroline Special Education Special Education Transition Coordinator  Email 
Niemann, Carol Counselor A-B, X-Z Website Email 
Niles, Bailee Mathematics Geometry Website Email 
Nixon, Jeffrey Career & Technical Education Interactive Media; Cheerleading Head Coach Website Email 
Nokes, Callan Social Studies World Geography; Assistant AD Website Email 
Nolan, Mary Administration Bookkeeper  Email 
Nowland, Chuck Language Arts English III Website Email 
Nyitray, Megan Special Education  Licensed Specialist in School Psychology  Email 
Ochoa, Teri Counselor Lu-O Website Email 
O'Harra, Pat Social Studies Government Website Email 
Olsen, Megan Language Arts English II Website Email 
Ortiz, Loira World Languages Spanish Website Email 
Owen, Alex Special Education Math; Tennis Website Email 
Owen, Katie Special Education English  Email 
Ozer, Max Athletics Trainer  Email 
Pagano, Leah Social Studies Social Studies Website Email 
Paschall, David The Learning Center Social Studies Website Email 
Patterson, Ashley Mathematics Algebra 1, Math Models, Girls Golf Website Email 
Phillips, Caleb Language Arts English II; English IV website Email 
Pirani, Anita Career & Technical Education Computer Science Website Email 
Polanco, John Science Biology Website Email 
Poldrack, Leah Special Education Life Skills  Email 
Potter, Andrew Fine & Performing Arts Orchestra Director Website Email 
Price, Elizabeth Credit Recovery Credit Recovery; MAPS Website Email 
Rayo, William Social Studies World History; US History Website Email 
Richardson, April Science Chemistry Website Email 
Riddington, Christa Special Education Behavior Support  Email 
Riley, Clayton Mathematics Algebra I Website Email 
Riley, Kim Science Anatomy and Physiology; Tennis Website Email 
Ringwood, Laura Mathematics Algebra II; Statistics Website Email 
Robertson, Jana Fine & Performing Arts Band Director  Email 
Robins, Kristy Language Arts English III Website Email 
Rodriguez, Anna Fine & Performing Arts Assistant Band Director  Email 
Rohrbough, Melissa Career & Technical Education Health Science Website Email 
Rooke, Ana Counselor Administrative Assistant  Email 
Root, Erin Special Education English  Email 
Rosier, Kelly Science Chemistry Website Email 
Rosier, Lynn Career & Technical Education Computer Science Website Email 
Rowland, Robert The Learning Center Counselor - TLC Website Email 
Ryan, Casey Administration Assistant Principal; A-FL, X-Z  Email 
Saenz, Drew Fine & Performing Arts Band Director Website Email 
Salazar, Tony Health & PE Health; Athletics Website Email 
Sauer, Heidi Counselor Jo-Lo; Lead Counselor  Email 
Scacco, Allison Language Arts English III; English IV Website Email 
Schroeder, Justin Special Education Behavior Support  Email 
Schulz, Tim Mathematics Algebra 2; Precalculus Website Email 
Scott, Jenna Science Chemistry Website Email 
Seferian, Cynthia Student Support Nurse  Email 
Sepulveda, Karla Mathematics Algebra 1; Geometry Website Email 
Sergent, Connie Science Biology; Environmental Science Website Email 
Shands, Stephen Administration Assistant Principal; Fo-Lo  Email 
Shippey, Bryan Administration Assistant Principal; Lu-O  Email 
Sifner, Steven Fine & Performing Arts Choir, Assistant Director Website Email 
Smith, Brad Mathematics Calculus BC; Linear Algebra; Multivariable Calculus Website Email 
Smith, Lauren Fine & Performing Arts Dance Website Email 
Smith, Max Special Education Geometry Website Email 
Snouffer, Ed Fine & Performing Arts Choir, Head Director Website Email 
Soelter, Alison  Career & Technical Education Computer Science; Head Girls' Swim Coach Website Email 
Stein, Gary World Languages ASL Website Email 
Stokes, Lindsey Special Education Behavior Support  Email 
Strahan, Aly Special Education Science Website Email 
Strange, Jeff Fine & Performing Arts Technical Theatre Website Email 
Strelitz, Alison Language Arts Yearbook; English I Website Email 
Stucky, Rebecka Language Arts Department Chair; English III Website Email 
Taylor, Kerry Fine & Performing Arts Director of Bands Website Email 
Taylor, Valerie  Instructional Partner-Humanities Website Email 
Thomas, Martha Science Chemistry Website Email 
Thomas, Rebecca Fine & Performing Arts Art I Foundation; Ceramics Website Email 
Thompson, Joel Special Education Special Education  Email 
Tolin, David Fine & Performing Arts Technical Theatre Website Email 
Torres, Javier Special Education Social Studies; Spanish  Email 
Uhler, Joseph Language Arts English I; Speech and Debate Website Email 
Uselton, Jackie Career & Technical Education Health Science Website Email 
Van Meter, Jason Student Support Interventionist  Email 
Vasek, Brian Social Studies World History Website Email 
Vazquez, Armando Mathematics Algebra I Website Email 
Waidhofer, Kristina Counselor Student Support Counselor Website Email 
Weisinger, Dustin Social Studies U.S. HIstory Website email 
Wham Joyce, Megan Language Arts English I Website Email 
White, Allyson Science Biology Website Email 
Wibbelsman, Christy Language Arts English I; English III Webstite Email 
Wilkes, Bo Mathematics Calculus Website Email 
Willis, Rachel Special Education MAPS Website Email 
Wilson, Doug The Learning Center World History; US History Website Email 
Witowski, Bob Science Physics Website Email 
Wyll, Natalie Science Engineering Website Email 
Yaghi, Mariam Social Studies World History Website Email 
Yanchak, Meredith Fine & Performing Arts Theatre & Production Website Email 
Yeager, Amanda Special Education Social Studies  Email 
Yeoman, Kevin Student Support English as a Second Language Website Email 
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