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September 29, 2017                 


2017 Homecoming Court


Pictured top left: Freshman Princess Emma K. David, Prince Duke Elliott

Sophomore Princess Sophie Lyssy

Bottom left: Prince Nick Pigott, Junior Princess Maya Fong, Prince Trellis Collins

Seniors pictured top to bottom right: Princess Grace Li, Prince Luke Bame

Princess Sarita Mehta and Prince Austin Davis

Pictured center: Westlake's Homecoming King and Queen:

Julia Flowers and Matteo Brunel




Out and About....And Really Out and About.....

Going "out and about" into classrooms is the best time of the week. Having the opportunity to watch our teachers and students work together is amazing.

Read more here.


Challenge Success Team Goes to Stanford

The WHS Challenge Success team traveled to Stanford last weekend to learn more about how to help Westlake students be healthier and more engaged. The team consists of teachers, students, parents, administrators, and a counselor, and they explored research-based approaches to promoting student wellness, further incorporating student voices, rethinking homework, and making our students' daily lives more sane.

What can parents do now to help their students be healthier and more engaged? Please make sure your child sleeps 8-10 hours each night. Our students report getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night, which is not adequate for their cognitive, emotional and physical development. If we want them to learn, they must sleep!

Part of the team explores Stanford

Joseph Asfouri presents at the conference

Health Science Clinical Rotations at Seton Hospital

Health Science Clinical classes trained in areas such as confidentiality, aseptic technique, and professional expectations in a hospital setting. They had to complete background checks, drug screening, TB tests, and several training courses on safety, codes, and protocols. The departments they are most to excited to visit include NICU, ICU, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Endoscopy, Imaging, and Oncology.

Student News

National Honor Society


NHS Candidate Forms have been sent out to eligible Juniors and Seniors.

Forms were emailed to the student's school email address.

Candidate Forms need to be completed and returned to Mrs. Favaron in room 332 by 4:20 on Friday, October 13.

Late candidate forms will not be accepted.

If your student has any questions about how to fill out their candidate form, please have them email Mrs. Favaron at afavaron@eanesisd.net.

CERT classes recieve fire suppression training


Freshman English Learn Study Skills and


All Freshman English classes went to a mini session on Study Skills and Note-Taking. The session covered multiple study skill tips like avoiding procrastination, utilizing teacher resources, and attending WHS tutoring.

The note-taking portion:


  • highlighted the research behind the importance of note-taking and the benefits of good note-taking.

  • walked through the 4 most common types of note-taking (e.g. Cornell, Outline, Chart, and Mind-Map) and when each would be most appropriate

  • provided examples of Note-Taking apps and how to best utilize them and organize your notes

  • shared tips for note-taking during a lecture and after


We will be sharing a recorded version of this session next week. Stay tuned!


Attention Sophomores & Juniors:



Healthy Chaps


With Homecoming last week, romantic relationships are a hot topic at Westlake High School. As a parent, it is hard to know how involved you should be - check out our website to learn more!


El Paisano


Senior portraits :

In order to appear in the yearbook, seniors are required to sit for a formal portrait with Photo Texas Photography. No student ID photos will be used in the yearbook.

Parents may honor their Senior children with a loving Senior Tribute in the 2018 yearbook. Please click on online order system.

Early Bird Discount Deadline #1 -
all materials & payment must be submitted by Friday, Oct. 6

Discount Deadline #2 -
all materials & payment must be submitted by Friday, Nov. 3

Final Deadline -
all materials & payment must be submitted by Friday, Dec. 1





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