Articulated credit on your ACC transcript

When will your ACC (articulated) credit show up on your ACC transcript?


  1. The first upload from the CATEMA system is performed during the fall of the student's senior year.  For ECS students, even if they took dual credit courses as a junior, the articulated credit will not show up on their ACC transcript until about the end of the fall semester of their senior year.


  1. We will continue to perform the upload every semester until two years after the student graduated from high school or until the credit is awarded, whichever comes first.


  1. For articulated courses taken during the senior year, they cannot be uploaded until the student has been recommended for credit by the high school teacher.  This usually occurs during June after the teacher completes their recommendations and after the student has actually graduated.


  1. If any of the student's information is incorrect in the CATEMA system, i.e. SSN, name, birthdate, etc., it is unlikely that the upload will perform correctly.  The ACC System (Datatel) will not find a match for the student and credit will not be automatically awarded. Please check with the teacher for more information.