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Westlake High School Attendance Information

For Attendance Call: 512-732-9280 then press "1"
Attendance Fax: 512-732-9271

For Absences:  If your child is ever absent, make sure your student brings a note to the Attendance Office upon return that states he/she was out sick with the dates and parent signature.  You can also report your child's absence to Attendance by email whsattendance@eanesisd.net or FAX 512-732-9271. 

Notes not turned in after a return of 48 hours will not be accepted.

Seniors leaving for lunch, but also attending an appointment during that time, need to be checked out through the Attendance Office.  They may or may not be returning before the scheduled lunch ending time. 

Remember: It is essential that students check in and out through the Attendance Office to keep the child's attendance accurate. Ten unexcused absences in one class will trigger an attendance court filing under the State of Texas Compulsory Attendance Law. Additionally, in the event of a lockdown or fire drill, we need to know who is on campus and who is not.

Late to School/Class:  Late arrivals to school after the 1st period bell, need to check into the Attendance Office to get a pass to class.  Notes are required for all tardies.  In the event that the student does not have a note, a lunch detention for the following day will be issued.

For Appointments:  Students bring in a parent note to school that states they will be leaving at 'X' time for an appointment. Come to the Attendance Office before school or in-between class periods to pick up your Permit-To-Leave Slip. The pass will get you out of class to leave for your appointment at that specific time.  When you return to school, bring a note from the doctor and check-in with Attendance. Your attendance will then be coded accurately and a pass will be given to you to return to class. All notes go to the Attendance Office.  Do not give notes to the teacher or email the teacher. 

Parent and Doctor Notes are subject to random verification.

Automatic Call System:  If your student is absent one or more periods, and not documented through Attendance, you will receive a phone call about their absence.  Student attendance for school related absences will be automatically corrected (field trip, athletic event).  Please check Skyward Family Access to view all attendance before making inquiries.  If you have questions, email the student’s teacher that marked the period absence.

Skylert Phone/Email Notification System:  You may also designate on Family Access to be emailed of any attendance entered for your student for the day.  If you receive an email or Skylert Call, you may use it as a reminder to send in a note for the all-day absence.  If you feel you were emailed in error, please check the attendance before calling or emailing Attendance.  Again, if it was just one or two classes, please email the teacher to inquire.

Advance Notification:  Family commitments or events that will fall within the school calendar days require your student to obtain an Advance Notification Form from Attendance.  Fill this out a week prior to the absence, turn into your AP for approval and then to Attendance. 


Exemptions:  Exemptions from Finals


Junior and Senior College Visits:  If you are planning to go on a College Visit, please stop by the Counseling Office to pick up the proper paperwork.  Teachers will sign off on the paper, you turn it back into the Counseling Office and they will then give you a form to take to the College you are touring.  Fill out this form and have the College Campus stamp or sign during your stay. Turn this form into the WHS Attendance office upon return to get documented credit for your absence.  You are allowed 2 College Visits.  If you require more, please see your AP for approval plus do all the above steps. 


VOE (Verification of Enrollment):  VOE's can be obtained through the main WHS office.  A parent must either send a note requesting this along with their signature or FAX 512-732-9257 or stop in to sign for this document.  All requests made before 11a.m. will be available for pick-up after 1:00 P.M.  VOE's expire after 30 days from issue date.  A student must be in accordance with the Texas Compulsory Attendance Law to obtain a VOE.


Please refer to the Web site for the Calendar School Year Dates and Bell Schedule when making appointments and travel days.  It will aid you in planning visits as to not miss instructional time and school days.  Absences for personal reasons and personal appointments (example: Division of Motor Vehicles, Passport Office, Drivers Education, ACL) will not be excused.  You may make-up your work 100% if the absence has been documented and the student has checked in and out through attendance. Please check with your teacher in regards to their policy for test make-up.